Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I apply to participate as an author?

    You may apply to participate with a paper by contacting us by e-mail We shall send you detailed information concerning your participation.

  2. Where can I find the Registration form for authors?

    You will receive the "Registration form" after you declare your wish to participate as an author.

  3. In case I wish to present more than one paper, do I have to pay additional fee for the second paper?

    Yes, the conference fee is for presenting one paper only.

  4. Are there requirements for the paper?

    Yes, you will receive the requirements for papers together with the other information for your participation.

  5. Where do I have to send my paper?

    In order to send your paper to us, please use EasyChair, a registration is needed.

  6. What technical equipment will be supplied at the conference?

    For presenting your paper you will have a multi-media projector and computer. If you have any other requirements for technical equipment, please send them to us together with your application to participate as an author.

  7. Do visitors have to register?

    Yes, the registration is mandatory for visitors to the conference. After your registration you will receive a unique code giving you an access  to the conference.

  8. If I participate in the conference as audience or in the discussion, do I have to pay a registration fee?

    The conference is free of charge for audience and participants in discussions.

  9. Where will the conference registration take place?

    This information will be provided at a later stage.

  10. Where is Plovidv university "Paisii Hilendarski" located?

    Plovidv university "Paisii Hilendarski" is located in the very center of the city of Plovdiv; the address is: Tsar Assen 24, St.

  11. May I ask for hotel accommodation?

    Yes, you may apply a hotel accommodation to be organized for you. Please, contact us by e-mail:

  12. What does the registration fee for the authors cover?

    The registration fee for authors of papers covers printing of the papers in a special volume from the conference. Each author will receive a copy of this volume at his (her) registration to the conference.

  13. May I pay the registration fee on the spot?

    No, the fee for authors of papers is paid beforehand by a bank transfer.