Important deadlines for Authors

30.04.2012 Application for participation with a paper
Sending the applications for participation to the organizing secretariat of the conference. The application forms should be sent by e-mail to After that you will receive an invitation with information about your participation, and a registration form to fill.
30.05.2012 Sending an abstract and a brief CV of the authors
Sending of the abstract and the brief CV of the author(s) is accomplished with EasyChair. The requirements for the abstract will be sent to you together with the package of additional information for authors of papers.
30.06.2012 Payment of fees
A deadline date for the conference payment fee. The payment is made by a bank transfer.
30.08.2012 Sending papers
A deadline date for sending the full papers (shaped according to the requirements) to the organizing committee of the conference. Sending the papers is accomplished with EasyChair.


Important deadlines for visitors

30.08.2012 г. Applications to attend the conference
A deadline date for applications made by students, professors, and guests that wish to attend the conference as listener and participants in discussions. It is necessary that you declare your intention to participate, using the Registration form.