International conference 2012

Topic: Research Methods and Techniques in Economic and Social Sciences

6-7.10.2012 Plovdiv University "Paisii Hilendarski", Plovdiv

Subjects to be discussed:

  1. Philosophy of the division between "qualitative" and "quantitative" methods in Economic and Social sciences: is there a contradiction?
  2. Problems of adequacy of methodological approaches and methods applied to Economic and Social studies
  3. New research in qualitative and quantitative methods in economic and social sciences
  4. Teaching Statistics and Mathematics to students in Economic and Social sciences
  5. Problems of indicators in Economic and Social studies
  6. Intelligent methods for processing business information
  7. Criteria needed to be met in Economic and Social research that classify them as scientific
  8. Mathematical modeling and data analysis in Economic and Social studies
  9. Social communication, social participation and interactive media

Objectives of the conference:

Sharing and popularizing an experience in the application of research methods in science, education, and in practice.

The international conference is devoted to the new challenges, and problems of contemporary societies that scientific community has to deal with. We shall discuss the problems of economic in social sciences concerning research approaches and methods that allow us to achieve accurate and reliable results, needed in the practice. The process of establishing and the maintaining a quality dialogue between science and social and political activities, obviously presupposes solid interconnections between the theoretical and the empirical levels of knowledge. At this stage the role of methodology is decisive.

The format and the organization of the conference are intended to create a favorable scientific atmosphere, stimulating discussions and exchange of ideas between adepts at various theories and approaches among the academic society.


Author – You may participate with a paper. Please, declare your participation, by connecting the organizing secretaries of the conference at e-mail:

The presented papers will be published in a collection. The paper will be published in the language that they were prese

Visitors - The conference is open to visitors (audience, and participants in discussions). Please declare your participation, by filling the registration form in the conference site.

Working languages:

The working languages of the conference are Bulgarian and English.